About Me

I’m not JUST a business consultant.

Or a life coach.

OR A spiritual GUIDE.

I’m a visionary, sorceress, coach, facilitator, teacher, alchemist, sister, creative, strategist, goofball, priestess, listener, collaborator, guide, consultant, activator, leader—and so much more.

I have difficulty seeing the world in black and white. I see ALL different shades and colors and am never one to put things (or people) in boxes. I believe that life is more enjoyable when things are swirled together (who wants JUST chocolate, or JUST vanilla anyway?!).

I love colliding worlds—like business, spirituality, wellness, lifestyle, and relationships together.

Why? Because I believe in a holistic approach. I don’t believe anything exists in a vacuum and so I always look at the ENTIRE picture with my clients. And that’s why the results my clients experience are deep, lasting, and permeate all areas of life.


Despite what you may think, JUST focusing on your business success alone isn't going to help you create the life you've been dreaming of. And just because you've accomplished #allthethings doesn't mean that by default everything else in your life will fall into place. But don't take my word for it—listen to yourself.


If you're brutally honest with yourself, how have hitting those big income and industry goals gone for you? Sure, you may have experienced a fleeting high, but that quickly faded. Then you felt...empty.


I hear this time and time again with women I work with and this was my story, once upon a time, too.

Unfortunately, I had to learn things the hard way...

I spent SO much time, money, and energy obsessing over things like Facebook ads and sales funnels...conversion rates and five-step frameworks. I fixated on strategies, methods, and taking all these linear actions, thinking those were the things that were going to move the needle in my business.

And they did...I hit 6 figures in 6 months, but here's the kicker—

The month that I hit six-figures in my business was the time when SHIT HIT THE FAN.

Before I knew it, I hit severe burnout (like, in the hospital hooked up to a morphine drip burnout) and witnessed my world spiral into a state of chaos.

I ultimately realized that I was focusing waaay too much on the strategies and methods others were doing in the coaching industry, and as a result, my own purpose and passion quickly faded into the background. I had lost a significant part of myself along the way and I didn’t even know what the hell I desired anymore. It was a dark time, to say the least.

Fortunately, this breakdown lead to my ultimate breakthrough—

We CANNOT be so reliant on strategy that we stop trusting our own intuition. And we cannot expect our business to be the solution to our fulfillment.

Since this realization, I've made it my mission to empower high-achieving women to stop chasing empty success and instead, create true fulfillment.

Because after all, fulfillment is not whatever income goal the influencers, the gurus, their best friends, and their mothers are going after. And it’s not about any ONE business goal.

It’s about a **life** where:

  • You feel aligned and ignited by the work you’re doing in the world
  • You’re sharing your message with the masses and being recognized as a leader in your industry
  • You’re magnetizing all the wealth you desire
  • You have a true soul mate who adores and admires every unique part of you
  • You’re in love with your body and you honor her fierce feminine power
  • You have a steamy, passionate sex life and connection to your *own* sexuality
  • Your connection to the Universe is on a level you’ve never experienced before
  • You live in harmony with nature, the seasons, and life’s cycles
  • You have girlfriends and best friends you’re OBSESSED with, and love you right back
  • Your health and wellness fuels and energizes you to achieve your dreams
  • You get to spend your time immersing yourself in hobbies, playing, and enjoying life to the fullest 😍


I know you may be thinking a multitude of things from, "Yeah, okay, that's completely unrealistic," to, "I'm fine with just having a few of those things, I don't need them ALL to be happy."

I'll respond briefly with, no, it's not unrealistic, it's my reality. And "fine" is very different than fulfilled. You know you desire more and guess what? You deserve more, too.

Now that we've got that cleared up, you may be wondering, "How the hell do I make this happen, then?"



I’m here to guide you on a journey through the landscapes of your Soul Work, Self-Development, Spirituality, and Sexuality so you can finally uncover and activate ALL the elements that make up who you truly are.

We'll explore the light, the dark, and everything in-between so you don't just know your various shades, but you OWN them so fiercely that you unleash your potent power to finally create the impact and live the life you've always desired.

There's no need to keep wanting, wishing, and waiting for your ideal life to materialize.

The time for you to get everything you desire is here—and it's yours for the taking!


I promise to stand for you and your desires and to hold you accountable for making those dreams of yours a reality—even when you may not believe it's possible yourself. I'm here to lead you to your calling and facilitate the creation of a business AND life you're OBSESSED with.

Are you ready to experience the magic?

If you’re still reading this, I know you have what it takes to step through the gate of uncertainty and enter the realm of infinite possibilities.

I invite you to choose YOURSELF. Your desires. Your truths.

It’s time to unlock the keys to your fulfillment and step into your potent power...and of course, have a fuck ton of fun while doing so!

Head on over here to check out all the ways we can co-create together.


CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO :: Teapigs tea, Air Awakens Series, plotting my own fantasy novel.

MY HAPPY PLACES ARE :: By the ocean, cuddled up on the couch, on the dancefloor

MOST EXCITED ABOUT :: My honeymoon in Japan with my husband, Jake!

FLUFF BABIES :: Kado + Nola (Samoyed pups)

SUN / MOON / RISING SIGNS :: Sagittarius / Aries / Virgo

FAVORITE WORKOUTS :: EverybodyFights, Barry’s Bootcamp, walks + runs by the ocean, field hockey

MY SECRET TALENT IS :: I have an “oink” noise that brings all the pigs to the yard

IN MY CLOSET :: Anything and everything from Revolve Clothing and Free People, Aqua, Lululemon, '47 Brand, etc...#allthecroptops

ON SPOTIFY :: Tip Toe (Jason Derulo feat. French Montana), Pretty Girl (Maggie Lindemann), Times Like These (David Higgins)

Cheers to your new reality and creating true fulfillment by activating ALL parts of you!

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